Our Story 

Founded in 2019 by two generations of coffee enthusiasts, Wolf Rock Coffee Roasters strives to effect positive change by sourcing socially-indexed coffee beans and powering our coffee roaster with only the sun’s energy. Our social index allows us to be even more selective about the way in which we choose our green coffee. Social indexing has a global impact by benefiting the coffee plantations most in need of support.


Inspired by the poignant solitude of Wolf Rock in Carlisle, Massachusetts, site of the last local wolf population, we donate a share of our profits to a wolf conservation organization. Profit-sharing with the International Wolf Center is an important relationship to us, as we both care about the future of the wolf population.  


Quality coffee needs time, attention, care, and patience. We source bold and unique coffees and micro-roast them to perfection, letting each green coffee's character shine. Pricing reflects the quality of the product, the availability, and the scarcity.