Letefoho Village - Indonesia

Letefoho Village - Indonesia


This Indonesian coffee comes from the island of Timor near the village of Lacau. Topographically, the area is quite diverse. There are plenty of mountain sides perfect for coffee cultivation. This bean is grown on slopes ranging from 1500-1700 MSL. The villagers ferment the beans for 2-3 days, depending on the weather and humidity. The region has obtained an organic certification, too. The flavor profile is similar to most Indonesian coffees in its herbaceous notes and initial sweetness, but as the roast level progresses, the coffee becomes noticeably more bittersweet. We seem to notice the opposite effects in African coffees, where darker roasts often are sweeter with notes of caramelized sugars. A green apple-like acidity and roasted walnut depth are noticeable. The darker this coffee is roasted, though, the less we taste the bright grassy notes typical of Indonesian coffees.

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