Kayansa Gakenke - Burundi

Kayansa Gakenke - Burundi


Burundi coffees are beautifully complex; at first glance, they’re similar to their Ethiopian counterparts but manipulating the roast level of Burundian coffees often highlights new flavors not previously noted. Kayanza Gakenke comes from a small village in northern Burundi. The growing altitude of 1675 MSL is quite low for the mountainous region but the coffee’s flavor does not suffer one bit. The name of the village, Gakenke, comes from the name of a regional, wild plant that grows thin hollow stems used by the locals to drink beverages. The beans are smaller than most raw beans from Burundi, which most likely is a result of the slightly lower plantation height. The flavors are typical of coffees from Northern Africa: citrus and stone fruits with notes of cocoa as the roast level is progressed. Standout pour-over brew. 


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