Sidama Bombe - Ethiopia

Sidama Bombe - Ethiopia


This is the second lot of coffee we’ve sold from the Sidama growing region of Ethiopia. Previously we sold Sidama Keramo, a fruity, summery coffee. We’ve now received a different cultivar of bean with deeper, more wintery notes. Sidama Bombe has a particular spice-forward aroma, with notes of gingerbread, anise, honey, and palm sugar. The coffee is grown at roughly the same altitude as the other Sidama coffees, at about 2000-2100 MSL. The grower is certified organic and the distributers ensure that every farmer maintains organic practices. They’re also certified with the Rain Forest Alliance. These beans are much smaller in size than a typical Latin American bean, which is understandable considering that Sidama Bombe is truly an Ethiopian heritage coffee. The flavor is much sweeter and more compact. We’re roasting this on the darker side by default to bring out the deeper, complex notes found in coffee as more caramelization occurs. A memorable espresso.

The farm from which Sidama Keramo hails holds an organic certification and goes to great lengths to ensure that all coffee growers are practicing sustainable farming. Grown at 2000-2100 MSL. The coffee has a honey-sweetness with notes of summer stone fruit and citrus. We noticed that while this coffee was certainly on the sweeter side of Ethiopian coffees, Sidama Keramo managed to bring floral complexity and bright acidity to the cup. A truly unique pour over brew, but works beautifully with espresso as well.

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