Our Social Index


As we strive to be a globally responsible business, we socially index the sources of all of our green coffee beans. This allows us to choose coffee plantations in countries with the highest economic need. 



We achieve our social index values through four factors: GDP per capita; percent of the population living below the national poverty line; the probability of natural disaster occurrence; and average life expectancy. These factors are weighted in the following manner: GDP value: 20%; poverty value: 50%; natural disaster value: 20%; and life expectancy value: 10%.


As shown under the Social Index Values link below, the average of all of our coffee-origin countries is calculated for each of the four factors. The standard deviation of each factor is also calculated. Using the standard deviation and the mean, the factor z-scores for each country are calculated and summed based on the above weightings to arrive at the Social Index. The index allows us to understand the rank of each country relative to the mean, thereby identifying the countries most in need of support.  This process allows us to prioritize our coffee bean sourcing, and in so doing, we strive to make a global difference. 


       Wolf      Conservation

Wolf Rock Coffee Roasters is committed to sustainable coffee roasting and to supporting the animals that used to live in our home town and inspired our name. By donating a portion of our profits to conservation programs, we can make a beneficial impact on threatened wildlife.


Through profit-sharing with the Wolf Conservation Organization, we hope to continue the center's dedicated work towards protecting the wolf population and educating the community about wildlife conservation.


Our roaster is powered by solar energy. Most commercial coffee roasters are fueled by propane gas. Gas-powered coffee roasters have significantly higher carbon footprints than those which rely on sustainably-generated electric energy alone. 


Each coffee bag we sell is certified 100% compostable. This certification includes the air valve and any labels or stickers on the bag of coffee. Once emptied, the bag can be composted and will never end up in a landfill.


Our shipping boxes are 100% recycled and made from 95% post-consumer content. The boxes are also naturally biodegradable. Any tape used is also biodegradable and earth-friendly, using only natural rubber-based adhesives.